• VPN Services in Turkey | How to bypass Internet Censorship in Turkey

    by  • October 7, 2011 • Censorship, Learn VPN

    Republic of Turkey is among the independent Muslim State located in the Western Asia having around 75 Million population. It is among the well developed and literate country. Turkish Government has implemented bans on different websites and newspapers and restricted their people to use internet. It clearly reflects that the freedom of technology and usage of internet has been lifted up from the people and they are being monitored and filtered with respect to their use on internet.

    Turkey Internet Censorship

    After Internet Censorship in countries like China, and Iran this is a very big news as another Asian-European country has caught the disease of internet Censorship and it makes people frustrated and produces hurdles in getting to the free internet world.  The Government of Turkey has directed a very clear document to the Internet Service Provider that they will offer their users with 4 categorized packages through which Internet users will still be able to access limited content if they choose the “standard” option for filtering. The other filtering options are labeled as “children,” “family” and “domestic.” These categories have been made to cater to the internet secrecy and to clearly monitor the activities of the users and restrict them for accessing websites that are not considered worth visiting by Turkish Government. The news from sources cleared that Turkish Regime emphasized internet censorship to stop anti political discussion against their government, pornography websites, blogs and different other website which are against Turkish Government.

    I have found users searching for on how to get pass through such internet censorship in Turkey. People have also protested against this censorship but didn’t get what they want. The Internet Censorship and ban is still on the go and people are looking to bypass through it. Let’s highlight some view on it that how can one bypass through internet censorship? Well as I have discussed in my previous articles about internet censorship. Basically, what stops you to bypass internet censorship? Your Browser? Your PC? Not at all. The only thing which stops you surfing different website is your IP Address, for which it has been defined that the IP addresses from these ranges will not be allowed to go on these website.

    What you need to do is just to configure to any of the VPN in Turkey which will allow you to bypass through such internet censorship. VPN allows you to bypass through the internet censorship as it chnages your IP address to any other country and routes your data through an encrypted tunnel which will not allow anyone to see what you are doing as it will encrypt your data.  In the Internet world there is only one way that people can figure your identity and that is through your IP Address. The factor which differs VPN Services and allowing users to  bypass internet censorship is the same that it changes your IP Address to some other and makes your identity anonymous so it will help you to access all the block sites in your premises and around the world.

    For my readers and internet censorship affected users in Turkey. Here is the List of Top 5 Turkey VPN Providers: