• VPN in Australia | How to watch Hulu & Netflix in Australia

    by  • October 12, 2011 • Censorship, Country Wise, Learn VPN, TV VPN

    Internet censorship has become the hot topic these days and almost every other country globally is trying to put in censorship in one way or the other.  The debates have been conducted on large scale by the Australian Regime in the Senate related to Censoring different websites. The government of Australia declared a notice through  Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) that internet usage will be monitored and it will not permit users to opt against the national internet filter. This restriction was initially constituted to restrain child pornography websites and adult content but soon it has also restricted many other websites.

    Things get started and people finding ways to overcome with this censorship issues. Other than this people like to access different free streaming websites which are blocked as they are geo-restricted to US IPs only. These websites include Netflix, Hulu and others. Basically these websites are geo-blocked because they are US based websites and due to copyright laws they cannot provide services in countries outside USA.

    Let’s move on. How do people can get through such internet censorship and geo-blocks? Is there any ways to bypass through these firewalls and blocks? Yes, there are few ways which could help user to enjoy the internet world without getting confined. I would say Proxy Services and VPN Services. They would be counted among the tools which can be integrated with the ISP to overcome with the censorship issues. Proxy Services won’t be a good option if you are looking to stream videos from Hulu and Netflix and other online streaming websites. Proxy isn’t that much safe as it transmits user data through unsecured channel. So, it is for sure that VPN will be the best option to go with. VPN allows user to filter through internet censorship and access geo-blocked websites Hulu and Netflix throughout the world. Besides a user wants to access it from Australia or from any other part of the world. VPN will direct users data through an encrypted tunnel, which not only secures them but also help in bypassing censorship.

    VPN not only helps netizen to watch Hulu & Netflix outside US but it will also secure their identity, data and other communication from spammers and hackers. This is also a alarming for a user if they come to know that you  are not using a safe channel to communicate with the rest of the world. Well, things will be quiet safer and private if the internet data flows through VPN. So it is essential to have Best Australia VPN.

    Choosing VPN Provider & Services is also a very key factor as there are hundreds of VPN Providers in the market. So with which VPN Service should a user go with if they want to pass through internet censorship and access to all geo restricted websites from Australia. Here you go with the Top 5 VPN Providers in Australia.


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    1 Hidemyass $11.52/Month See Details
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    3 IAPS VPN $12.95/Month See Details
    4 StrongVPN $21/3 Months See Details
    5 ExpressVPN $12.95/Month See Details