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    SSL VPN protocol is highly demanded in the international market, thanks to its capability to bypass a majority of government firewalls existing on port 443.

    With its inception, users who were hitherto   complacent trying out PPTP VPN or L2TP VPN  are now being empowered with a better tool to satiate their cause of seeking anonymity in the gigantic world of internet.

    Among its two varied types, both the SSTP as well as OpenVPN/SSL hold their own significance and levy an upper hand over the rest ones. Let us discuss about the latter one, OpenVPN/SSL VPN.

    Brief introduction about OpenVPN SSL

    The protocol is an important SSL type that is compatible with almost all the operating systems and yes, you can also configure it on your handheld device such as Android or iPhone for best vpn solutions.

    It is same as SSTP VPN with the difference that you can setup OpenVPN/SSL on Linux, Mac and mobile device apart from windows.

    This is unlike SSTP that is functional only for Windows versions, specifically windows 7 and Vista. As a further merit, OpenVPN also allows your VPN connection to be more stable and secure than SSTP.

    Benefits of OpenVPN

    Using this form of SSL VPN enables you to assure portability across multiple operating systems along with processor architectures.

    You can use it to get away with the firewall of the respective government authorities. Alongside, it support for Nat-friendly operation, multiple protocol, dynamic addresses and protocol bridging is commendable.

    Chances are brighter that you carry on with the installation process of OpenVPN without hassles, it boasts of its above par learning curve for installation and utilization.

    Using Open/SSL

    If you are still stuck up withSSTP VPN then you may find it somewhat cumbersome to use OpenVPN because SSTP can be configured right on windows with the help of step-by-step instructions.

    OpenVPN, on the other hand requires you to download the setup exe file of client software and install it on your device for its smooth functioning.

    However, it is not that difficult as you might thing, to the contrary, it is easier than setting up PPTP or L2TP connections.

    Nowadays, most of the VPN service providers integrate OpenVPN with their own dialers and enable the clients to use it for accessing the network.

    The prominent names in this regard include HideMyAss &OverPlay VPN.

    Choosing best OpenVPN/SSL

    Open SSL VPN - BVS.co

    In an environment where almost every mode to bypass filtering is being blocked, OpenVPN SSL comes as a fresh ray of hope. There are many vendors in the industry that offer the services of OpenVPN in their package.

    You can opt for them after satisfying yourself completely for the credibility of the VPN vendor. As reference, looking out for various review and testimonial websites would be a smart move.

    Best Open VPN / SSL VPN Service & Provider

    Below is the detailed list of topmost Open VPN / SSL VPN Service & Provider in the industry. Hope it helps you to zero-in the most preferred one:

    VPN Service

    Starting Price


     Hidemyass VPN


    See Details



     See Details

    Strong VPN


     See Details



     See Details

    Express VPN


     See Details

    OverPlay VPN


     See Details

    VPN Tunnel


    See Details

    CyberGhost VPN


     See Details

    Switch VPN


     See Details

    Private Internet Access


     See Details



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