• Massive November Giveaway Offer!

    by  • November 24, 2011 • VPN Promotions

    Celebrations and joy is circulating in the air. Well it is the time for everyone to enjoy discounts and deals before the big event of Christmas. Yet consecutively there are some social events which needs to be enjoyed with absolute dedication. Now, at the end of this month we have three events to enjoy which are Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today, its the start of the first event which is Thanksgiving. In this event people around the world shop extensively as every product is being discounted and people are being given ultimate discount on what they need the most.

    So, apart from hundreds of product. I must think about the one on which my readers are much focused on. So, as we always discuss about internet security and all. I think my readers and visitors must be thinking that is there any special promotion on this big social event? Well, Yes there is one, but i can’t quote it as an ordinary one as it is the best and massive one which i have ever seen. Just have got a thread from my sources that PureVPN and Bestvpnservice.com just announced a Special Celebration offer which is for the events of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and yber Monday…

    Offer Details:

    • Get double bonus on purchase of a VPN Service Account
    • Pay $9.95 for a month subscription and get an additional 1 month VPN Account Free of cost
    • This is not the only part of this offer, this biggest thing about this offer is that despite of getting a double bonus with respect to internet security and freedom. 1 lucky winner will be rewarded with a New Blackberry Play book which worth of $500.
    Isn’t it a big one? For me it is surely a massive one to catch up. So my dear friends Hurry up and get the most of this exciting offer…Place your chance to get  New Blackberry Playbook by buying PureVPN account on through this exciting Bestvpnservice Season Celebration offer.