• Internet Censorship in China | How to access blocked sites in China

    by  • September 27, 2011 • Censorship, China VPN

    If you search around, you will definitely find a huge discussion on Internet Censorship and the most searched category which I found is Internet Censorship in China. In this post we will discuss about Internet Censorship in China and the ways to overcome it.

    • What is Internet Censorship?

    Internet censorship is control or restraint of the publishing or accessing of information on the Internet.  In short it is basically a restriction to access particular website(s) or application(s).

    • Internet Censorship in China:

    In the early 2010 Republic of China’s Government gave an appalling news to Internet users as they planned to obstruct several sites and social networks, and not only they have obstructed these channels, but also they initiated monitoring one’s activity over internet. This ban affected millions of websites all over the world. Chinese Govt. was just emphasizing the fact that these websites are not good for Chinese citizens and promoted their local sites. Chinese were also affected with it as Govt. targeted most of the entertainment and popular sites of the world i.e: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more, of which people were addicted to.


    After the Chinese regime restricted users to access internet, people foundways to bypass this censorship. But it becomes very difficult for the people as Great Firewall of China is continuously blocking millions of sites around the world.

    The question which I found the most on internet that, How can I bypass with internet censorship in China? How can I access blocked sites? And many other questions being searched on different search engines. People get frustrated, not only do Chinese, but also those who are travelling to China and get this news that they will not be able to access their favorite websites in China due to restrictions…


    • How to get access to blocked sites in China:

    Well, as we have discussed above about the censorship in China, now I will have some points to share about the ways to bypass this restrictions. There are two ways through which on can bypass this internet censorship, Proxy Services and VPN. If we will compare the two than I will recommend my users to go with VPN as Proxy does not provide the advanced security measure which is necessary to have in order to enable privacy and it does not provide power to access blocked sites around the world. Moreover, Most of the Proxies are blocked in China. Talking about VPN, as it provides different IP addresses and server to its users around the world, so it is obvious that one can easily get the access to sites around the world. For instance if Facebook or some other website is blocked in China, then a user can subscribe with a VPN Service which will connect user with the server of some other country and it will not be possible for Great Firewall of China to monitor or to block the access. So going through VPN is not only secure but also do facilitate user to access content bypassing all restrictions.

    I received latest news that Chinese Regime Calls for Stricter Internet Censorship and also many VPN Providers are reported blocked in China. But besides that there are number of VPN Providers who are still providing their services in China and letting people access websites anywhere in the world.

    You do not need to worry if China firewall is not allowing you to bypass internet censorship. You just have to go with China VPN and it will allow you to overcome this issue.

    Don’t need to scroll your searches at high extent, you just have to find the Best VPN for China  and they will definitely help you out. If you are thinking that from where you will get the list of VPN Providers? Likewise I mentioned before just visit www.bestvpnservice.com

    Hope that I made things clear regarding Censorship in China, and wish you good luck to access all block sites from VPN China also.