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    The nightmare of censorship is there to haunt every nation and Australia is not kept bereft of its disastrous clutch. The Australian authority responsible for implementing or revoking internet censorship, namely the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) is pretty clear about its decision to block any website it finds to be breaching the law or is against the postulated censorship guidelines. Consequently, it is the common citizen who has to face the wrath of such a restriction. While there are varied ways through such a censorship could be dealt with successfully but among all of them, the VPNs hold the lion’s share.

    What is VPN?

    Considering the aggravating need of technology to fuel the tech savvy minds of the internet users in Australia as in other nations, VPN is not worthy of any introduction at all. Yet, for those who are still new to this effervescent innovation, it is a mode through which the users can:

    • Access the blocked websites
    • Communicate with their friends, peers, employers, business partners, clients and more in a more secure manner
    • Use the facilities of VoIP without being identified
    • Send confidential emails without the fear of being hacked or interfered by any third party user over the internet

    How is it useful for people in Australia

    As already discussed, people in Australia are also bound to face the ghost of internet censorship now and then, there are a plethora of websites that have been blocked by the Australian government. While restrictions on some of these could be justified owing to their doubtful content but overall, such a limitation further limits the progress of individuals. They cannot carry on with their business, are unable to know the latest things happening around the world and are barred from doing several other important things over the internet that could otherwise prove to be beneficial for them.

    In addition, there are various US or UK based websites that make up for relishing entertainment. Yes, you pointed it right, we are talking about Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and similar other streaming websites. Expats from these countries or even the Australians are unable to enjoy the programs on these websites because of their restriction to only limited boundaries. Having a VPN installed at the computer or iPhone, accessing such websites would become more easier than said. Hence, indeed, VPN is damn necessary for Australians, as it is for people belonging to almost any other country.
    Best Australia VPN

    Owing to the burgeoning demand of VPN in Australia, numerous VPN service providers have thronged the center stage. Hidemyass vpn is considerably rated as the best paid vpn service provider in the industry. Before zeroing-in on any of them, it would be good to have a detailed information regarding their whereabouts. There parameters thus may include

    • Cost consideration
    • Protocol support
    • Countries where the VPN servers exist
    • Number of servers, IP address it offers
    • Download/upload speed,
    • Browser compatibility
    • Ability to assure access to the desired block websites
    • Affable client area
    • Customer care support that may consist of email, live chats, ticket submission and more
    • Support for operating systems such as windows, Linux, Mac  or android

    Depending on all such features, we have provided for you a list of Free VPN providers that would work wonders in Australia.

    1. Cyberghost
    2. Cryptocloud
    3. proXPN
    4. Ultra VPN
    5. Unblock-US
    6. VPN Swiss
    7. TunnelBear


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