• Comparison between Apple Tablet and Samsung Tablet Security

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    Due to the continuous growth and improvement in the field of technology, it has become very difficult for the users to decide with which provider to go with as there is huge competition globally. The most advanced and current innovation is the development of Tablet PC and it has been observed that it has taken the computer market by storm around the world and people are emerging to transfer all their work, study and different other activities on their Tablet PC.

    After the launch of first Tablet in the late 2010, many companies targeted tablet PCs, thus a lot of competition goes around and now there are so many tablet’s provider in the market with many different features to attract to grasp one’s needs. It can be said that the Tablet PC market witnessed the same competition, as the desktop market experienced in 90s. Tablets are getting improved and slimmer with time but when it comes to buying one of them, people are always confused; they often end up making the erroneous choice, regretting their decision later.

    If we talk about Tablet then the first thing which comes in user mind is to check is Apple Inc. as they are the giants in the field of technology and Smart Phones. They are not only known by their name but they do provide user with exclusive features in their products. The first iPad Tablet was launched by Apple Inc in the early 2010. The iPad sprints the same operating system as the iPod Touch and iPhone & can run its own applications. Soon after the release of first iPad many other companies brought their tablet pc’s in the market and thus the competition got started and it made customers think twice before they make a buying decision for any particular tablet.

    Let‘s make it little short for the readers, The main stream is between two developers i.e Apple Inc. and Samsung and they have captured the majority of the Tablet market. We can say that there is a war situation among these two. Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 are both high recital tablets. Apple recently released iPad 2 packed with Dual-core Apple A5 processor and powered by Apple iOS 4.3, it is sized at 9.7 inches with dual camera, while, Samsung also released its Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1.

    Following is the head-to-head comparison of the Apple Tablet and Samsung Tablet in contrary of their some important features.


    Comparison between Apple Tablet and Samsung Tablet:

    iPad 2 has operating system iOS 4.3 whereas Samsung Galaxy has Android 3.0. iPad2 is with wide display screen measuring 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD and Galaxy tablet with8.9-inch PLS LCD. Though both tablets have same processors 1Ghz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor 1Ghz dual-core. One of the draw back in the comparison between the two is that iPad 2 is featured with Front Camera of 0.3MP VGA & Rear 0.7MP Fixed-Focus 720p video but Galaxy tablet is rich in this feature as it has Front Camera of 2.0MP and Rear 3.0MP Auto-Focus with LED Flash (720p).

    iPad2 boasts up great features but when compared to the Galaxy Tab it comes out ahead only in terms of thickness and weight.  Though it has IOS software installed rather than Android. If we consider technical specification and other features, iPad 2 does not appear to have any outstanding technological condition that would spot it ahead of Galaxy. Despite of that it is true that iPad 2 has the superior demand in the market and it is the top rated product.

    And thus security is a great measure in both the developments so one must always ponder to have security while optimizing their activities on these tablets. VPN is the best option for Internet and WiFi security. One should have VPN on while surfing the internet via WiFi or 3G network. Both the tabs have built in VPN settings. PPTP, L2TP, L2TP PSK are the types of VPN available currently on both the tabs.

    iPad VPN and Samsun Galaxy VPN is among the hottest topic around and people are finding ways to protect their devices with the best security in order to curtail the threats for their tablets. VPN is providing the best security for the same. and though VPN Industry is working as a whole to carter the needs of user by giving the Best VPNaccording to their needs.