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    by  • October 28, 2011 • Censorship, Country Wise

    The need for VPN surfaces on the horizon due to some restrictions on the broadcasting of websites in different countries. Most of the Islamic countries raise such a step to remain their Islamic spirit intact since they believe that various pornographic websites along with certain social networking sites are corrupting the minds of their people, especially the youths. Untill now, Malaysia was kept bereft of such a censorship, but now after the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has blocked P2P/file sharing activities in the county, the future of legions of other websites is under stake.

    Internet restriction in Malaysia

    Such a ban has only invited the wrath of the citizens and they are now trying out various ways to hack government owned sites to express their objection. However, still there is no respite for the Malaysian internet users and they continue to bear the brunt of censorship in this part of the world. They are restricted from accessing several social networking sites, file sharing websites and more. To add further, those who are from foreign countries and currently residing in Malaysia are also compelled to face the music.

    Remedy to such a problem

    In order to bypass filtering, people keep on trying varied ways with little or no success, including proxy websites, DNS setting customizations, Tor and so on. All these systems are quite capable to hide the users from being identified over the internet, yet in the long run they are likely to be tracked. To act as a suitable remedy for such a problem, VPN services have been of great help for the Malaysians. These virtual networks not only allow the users to access the websites that are blocked in the country due to some or the other reason, but also assure due secrecy throughout the time they are online.

    Best VPN for Malaysia

    VPN service providers have an assortment of services to offer for the users and the same is with those offering xunrestricted access in Malaysia. There are many VPN vendors in the market but the better would be those who prefer not to keep a log of their users’ internet activities. Though, they have to keep log of system information including user Id, password or login and logout time but these are only for a stipulated time after which they delete all such information. In rare cases, or if asked by the administrative bodies, they may be forced to keep a regular check on the VPN users that are believed to be suspicious. Among all the VPN providers for Malaysia, HideMyAss. PureVPN, IAPS and StrongVPN are the prominent ones that assure the users of utmost secrecy while leveraging the internet. The entire list of topmost Best VPN for Malaysia provider is listed below:


    VPN Service

    Starting Price





    Pure VPN






    Strong VPN



    Switch VPN



    Express VPN






    Cyberghost VPN








    Soon, i am going to continue this Malaysia VPN Series by writing an article on the Best Free VPN for Malaysia. Tune in to get all the updates and news related to VPN Industry. I will be giving my best shot to provide my readers with the Best Free VPN Service worldwide.