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    Internet usage is an inevitable necessity of the modern times that has made the lives of millions all around the world almost a cakewalk. While it is heavily used to access varied websites, blogs, or to communicate with peers, business partners or friends, file sharing is also a religiously carried out activity. Various methods are prevalent to perform such file uploading or downloading procedures; Seedbox is among the prominent of those. However if the content is copyright, sharing it with others might be a tough nut to crack since such an act may drag you in legal hassles on the charges of infringement. Hence, using Seedbox in conjunction with a suitable VPN would be a smart decision to make.

    About Seedbox

    Seedbox is the most readily used server for file sharing largely due to the speed it offers for downloading and uploading important digital files. Alongside, some of the other beneficial services it promised include:

    • Root access to FTP
    • Ease to upload or download the files using ruTorrent and RTorrent
    • Ample facility to backup your important digital data
    • Option for data storage even at offsite location

    To assure successful accomplishment of all such benefits, you would require installing a personal Seedbox server at your end

    OS support

    You can use Seedbox for both Windows and Linux to enable uploading and downloading of files at a rapid pace. Seedbox packages for windows can be leveraged for its different versions such as XP, 2003 and Windows7. In order to get more customized packages you can also adopt the option to upload ISO at your system.

     VPN for Seedbox

    Vendors providing services of virtual private network are prompt to sense the importance of Seedbox owing to the added advantage it offers in terms of speed. Moving further, VPNs also keep all your file-sharing acts hidden from the prying eyes thereby emancipating you from the apprehension of being caught by file owners.

    The amount and variety of content that you can share using Seedbox is beyond limitations; you can exchange video clips, audio clips, image files and more at a much higher speed than other sources used to provide similar services. Not to mention, with the capable assistance of a renowned VPN vendor, you can perform all such tasks convincingly.

    Best VPN provider for Seedbox

    Not much VPN providers offer Seedbox services in the contemporary time. However, considering the intensifying need of VPNs, the number is expected to rise to a great extent in the better future. Here you go with some of the Best VPN Providers that offers SeedBoxes.

    1. Freedom VPN: plays an effectual role in enhancing the file sharing speed with the help of its sophisticated streaming server.
    2. MyFirstSeedbox.co.uk
    3. Super-Seed.me.uk and
    4. XoHost.co.uk have also been doing rounds for delivering quality services as far as accentuated speed for download and upload files is concerned.


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