• Best Free VPN for Linux | Top 5 Free VPN Provider for Linux

    by  • October 21, 2011 • Free VPN

    Linux is basically an operating system which is based on open source software. It is the software that allows and gives us an interface to access computer system. It is just as similar to other operating system like Windows, etc. It works through Kernel Operating system which is among the most powerful and reliable operating system and it is among the most reliable and fast operating system in the world. It runs on different devices like Personal Computers, Mobile Devices, Notebook, Tablet Computers, Routers, Televisions, and many more.

    Linux had come up with its two distributions that is Fedora and Ubuntu. Fedora is a very popular Linux distribution for desktops but it has been superseded by the  rise of Ubuntu due to its user friendly interfaces. Ubuntu aims to make it easier for ordinary PC users to switch to a Linux based system. Ubuntu also reduces  the need for typing into a command prompt and moves the majority of operations into a graphical interfaces.

    As this unique invention is something that is advanced and exclusive. It has everything over internet. Most importantly business entrepreneur who have outsource their business to some different location and wants to monitor or run their activity which is possible through internet require to have optimum/high security for their workplace. So, what it needs to be integrated with their Linux devices is that they need to have reliable security feature to prevent their work and communication from their competitors and from those who have unethical intentions against your data. it is very necessary that one should have complete security while transmitting data over internet.

    We are well aware of the fact that internet censorship and security over internet is the hotest topic globally. VPN, which is well known to provide internet security under all perspectives. It is empowered with the best feature which encrypts users data through tunnelled packets and routs all the user data under secure channel. Hence, it will not allow anyone to even see what data is been transferred. VPN is also compatible with Linux operating system as well, so if the data from Linux operating system is routing through VPN Services then it is for sure that it is going through protected channel and there is no chance for anyone to hack it.

    People always think twice before deciding what to opt whether it is a matter of purchasing technology product or choosing any service like VPN. Somehow, I have managed to get some useful information for my users who are looking to have security on their Linux Operating System and Devices. One might get puzzled while deciding which will be the Best VPN Service to opt for their Linux OS/Device. So i must say Free/Trail VPN Services will be a good option for all the users.

    Now, here you go with the Top 5  Free VPN for Linux;

    1. Cyberghost (Basic/Limited Free)
    2. Hide IP VPN (Limited/Invitational)
    3. Security Kiss (Basic /  Limited)
    4. ibvpn (2 Hours Free Trial)