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    by  • October 13, 2011 • Country Wise, Free VPN

    We have discussed it before that why do people need VPN Services and what are the advantages of using such services. Today, i am going to give my users with the best what i have searched throughout. If we talk about VPN Services, then the first thing which is highly observed in the search engine that people are looking that get such services with US or UK IP. Why only US & UK IP? Well, it is pretty much clear that internet censorship which is globally adopted by several countries is to prevent their citizens from visiting websites and other forums which are US / UK Based.  As i have discussed about Best Free UK VPN previously. Today, i am going to share my experience on Best Free US VPN services with my readers.

    Why do we need a  US IP?  Like we all know about the internet censorship around the world. Mostly websites like Facebook, Youtube and other US based websites are blocked. so it is pretty much obvious that if someone wants to access these sites through their location they need to have such IP which will allow them to bypass the internet censorship. That can be done through some other countries IP as well if they haven’t censored these sites. But people do prefer to have US IP in order to access everything, as USA does not block many websites. This is not only the reason that people are hunting to get an US IP. There is another major reason which I must say the  main reason for opting US IP is that TV Streaming websites like Hulu, Netflix, 4oD etc which are US based are not accessible from any other location. And people who are addicted to streaming such sites are having difficulties if they move to some different location other than US.

    A part from that people always think twice before opting to one VPN Provider. As it is understandable that their money is precious. And they must be satisfied before investing their money for VPN Services. I have just gathered few Best Free US VPN Providers who are dedicatedly offering their services without any charges and are very much reliable to stream tv watching websites.

    Here you go with Top 5 Best US VPN Service Provider:

    1. Tunnel Bear
    2. proXPN
    3. Cryptocloud
    4. Hide IP VPN
    5. Unblock US VPN